07/30/2014 Daily News Update

First Data buys a Gyft, BitPay gives it away for free, & Bitcoin ATMs are struck down

First Data acquires mobile gift card platform Gyft, BitPay announces new plan offering merchants unlimited basic payment processing for free, forever, the Wikimedia Foundation announces they are accepting Bitcoin for donations, Bitcoin Central announces it will close its facilities and sell its ATM equipment within the week, Arizona’s first Bitcoin ATM was struck by lightning, and ‘The Bitcoin Alphabet – For Kids and Everyone Else’

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Week Three in Review, BTC Only Travel

By Cat Bleish
Uncoinventional Week Three Review

The first two weeks of our cross-country bitcoin-only tour showed us the beautiful diversity that our country has to offer. From the mountains in Asheville to the Monuments in DC, from the chaos of NYC to the serenity of New Hampshire, our journey twisted and turned from the southeast to the northeast, blessing us with rich experiences and beautiful views. After two weeks of living on the road and dealing More Info »

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Bitcoin Beginners Fair 7/8 Video Round-Up

By M$T

Catch up on the presentations from our July 8th Bitcoin Beginners Fair to learn about the basics of Bitcoin with Dan Held of Blockchain, Jonathan Zobro of 37coins, and Thaddeus Dryja.

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Two Weeks in Review, Travel on BTC

By Cat Bleish

Our first two weeks of BTC-only travel are over and we have learned many lessons about the practicality of travel on BTC. Our first week was nearly 100% successful. We spent only BTC on food, gas and hotel. Unfortunately, the toll roads took us by surprise and we spent our first Federal Reserve Notes late in the evening on Day Seven.

We stayed that night at a Holiday Inn in Brooklyn that just began a Bitcoin pilot program. Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem helped set up the program and encouraged us to make the stop in New York as the hotel’s first Bitcoin customers. My husband John met Shrem at the 2012 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. John interviewed him and they stayed in touch ever since.

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SUPERMONEY: The New Wealth Beyond Banks and Bitcoin… But It’s Not Really About the Money

By Dick Samson
Supermoney like Superman

Bigger bucks ahead… because money itself is being re-invented! But material wealth may not be the key motivator. The new money is 100% internet-based. It flows free and fast like electrons, and it comes with superpowers. Call it money 2.0, internet money, or supermoney. “Up, up and away!” (Note: The term “supermoney” is used by at least two companies: supermoney.com of Santa Ana, California; and supermoney.eu of Milan, Italy.) No, More Info »

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Bidding for Bitcoins: Thoughts on the US Marshals Service Bitcoin Auction

By Dan Roseman
USMS Bitcoin Auction

There is an awful lot of speculation about the first-ever government auction of nearly 30,000 bitcoins seized by the United States Marshals Service (USMS). The truth is that there is not enough information at this time to draw any reliable conclusions, so this article will necessarily be just as speculative as the rest. Let’s start with what we know: About 30,000 bitcoin were auctioned off in 10 blocks: 9 blocks More Info »

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