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Bitcoin Volatility – Is it All in Our Heads?

1:56pm November 27th, 2015 by

Is Bitcoin Volatility All In The Mind?     The good news is that bitcoin’s association with terrorism and Daesh played a somewhat smaller part in this week’s coverage. Although some of the narrative spilled over from last week, and the news did travel far and wide, most mainstream outlets seemed to focus on the digital currency’s price in light of the Black Friday shopping event. Read more at Coindesk.com

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WeChat Available in South Africa

1:50pm November 27th, 2015 by
Hand holding smart phone with abstract glowing lines concept

WeChat Wallet Now Available in South Africa     There is no place in the world where FinTech is not booming these days. Some of those locations may be a bit further away than people would anticipate, but that doesn’t make them less valuable. WeChat is launching a new mobile wallet service in South Africa, targeting a part of the world where financial services are direly needed. Also read: FinTech […]

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The Best Ways to Airbrush your Bitcoin Transactions

1:40pm November 27th, 2015 by

Airbrushing Your Bitcoin Transactions – Bitcoin Mixers and CoinJoin Although bitcoin addresses are composed of randomly generated hexadecimal characters, which are unrelated to one’s id, anyone can see each and every transaction on the public ledger, so the flow of bitcoins from an address to another along the blockchain is visible to everyone. Solely, the hexadecimal characters of a given address can never be used to identify the person using […]

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Bitcoin Firms Recovering from DDoS Attacks

1:35pm November 27th, 2015 by

Leading Bitcoin and Tech Firms Recovering from Bitcoin Ransom DDoS Attacks Since the beginning of 2015, an increasing number of technology firms and bitcoin startups have been targeted by anonymous hackers demanding bitcoin ransoms. Leading bitcoin exchange Kraken and encrypted email service provider Protonmail are two of many victims suffering from extremely powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that have effectively shut down some of their servers and databases […]

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Now You Can Spend Fiat Currency At Bitcoin Retailers

1:30pm November 27th, 2015 by

BitReady Lets Consumers Spend Fiat Currency Wherever Bitcoin is Accepted     Written by: Jp Buntinx More and more services are popping up all over the world to give Bitcoin a more legitimate and usable appeal to the outside world. BitReady.io is a new service that has been in development for quite some time now, and they have finally released the platform to the public. In fact, BitReady works as […]

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Middle Earth, the Son of Silk Road, Experiencing Technical Issues

1:25pm November 27th, 2015 by

Silk Road Successor Middle Earth Experiencing Prolonged Downtime     Written by: Justin OConnell Middle Earth has been down for a few weeks at least, leaving buyers on the website to appear on clearnet websites, like DeepDotWeb, lamenting they can’t find the good acid they were scoring or looking for their marijuana dealer.  Also read: Senator John McCain Pushing Government Access to Encryption Protected Data The website, the name of […]

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The New, Do-It-Yourself Blockchain

1:20pm November 27th, 2015 by

MultiChain: The DIY Permissioned Blockchain     Written by: Jamie Redman A few years ago when the Altcoin enthusiasm grew exponentially, a few platforms came to the market for people to create their own Altcoins, like the now defunct application Coingen. Fast forward to now where the topic of conversation has left the Altcoin arena with the cry for “private blockchains” Now with a new service called “Create A Private Blockchain in […]

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Purchase Digital Currency the Easy Way

1:15pm November 27th, 2015 by

Coinerz: Purchase Altcoins And Bitcoin With Ease     Written by: Jamie Redman A new way to purchase Bitcoin and altcoins is coming to the UK market — and it’s called Coinerz. The platform allows anyone from the United Kingdom to use their credit card to buy various kinds of cryptocurrency. A list of digital currencies the creators say will keep growing. Bitcoinist got together with James Malach, CTO of the […]

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A New Router that Bitcoin Lovers Will Enjoy

1:10pm November 27th, 2015 by

Turris Omnia Router Is Quite Appealing to Bitcoin Users     Written by: Jp Buntinx Security should be a top priority for all internet users, as well as companies relying on deployed hardware to ensure their intranet connections are as secure as they can be. While a mesh network may be a preferable choice for Internet connectivity, such a solution is still a few years away. Until that time, a […]

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Get a Bitcoin Debit Card for Nearly Half Off!

1:06pm November 27th, 2015 by

E-Coin Black Friday Sale: Bitcoin Debit Cards 40% Off for 48 Hours     Written by: Evan Faggart Bitcoin debit card provider E-Coin is taking part in the highly anticipated Bitcoin Black Friday event. The company will offer its Bitcoin debit cards at a 40% discount for 48 hours Also read: Bitcoin Black Friday: Merchants and Impact on Bitcoin Normally, an USD-denominated debit card from E-Coin costs $17 USD with […]

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