09/20/2014 Daily News Update

Gem raises $2M, Bitcoin halts in Bangladesh, & will the Fed regulate Bitcoin?

Bitcoin startup Gem raises $2M seed funding, OKCoin adds new margin managament system and Maker-Taker fees. Bitcoin conman Trendon Shavers is fined over $40M, Bitcoin Foundation Bangladesh temporarily halts efforts, while Bitcoin Foundation retains Trust EU Affairs to expand EU efforts, and US bankers ask the Fed to step in and regulate Bitcoin.

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The Truth About App Coins (Part 1)

By Ariel Deschapell
Bitcoin 2.0

In a recent episode of “Let’s Talk Bitcoin”, the viability of App coins was hotly debated by David Johnston and Tom Ding in the affirmative, and by Daniel Krawisz and Pierre Rochard in the negative. Both sides made a number of valid points, but ultimately there was a lot of uncertainty about the purpose(s) App coins might serve and their relation to traditional asset classes. These are pivotal factors that […]

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Bitcoin Analysis: Week of Sep 14 (Intro to Moving Averages)

By Cointelegraph

Tone Vays via CoinTelegraph Last Week’s Review In last week’s post we concluded with the following statement: We are now changing our view point to Long-Term (tentatively) Bullish, Intermediate -Term Bearish, and Short-Term Bearish. Unless we see some positive signs we are now focused on the possible Double Bottom target of US$440-450 zone. If that can hold, there might be some signs of a healthy recovery. If not, the next step down will be […]

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Bitcoin Analysis: Week of Sep 7 (Intro to Time pt. II)

By Cointelegraph

Tone Vays via CoinTelegraph Last Week’s Review In last week’s post we concluded with the following statement: We are currently Long-Term Bullish, Intermediate-Term Bearish, and Short-Term (very tentatively) Bullish. We will continue to treat the US$500 as support until visibly shown otherwise. The highest probability target is the bottom of the triangle at US$560 though some confidence has been lost in this move since last week. If it gets us there, the situation […]

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The Rise of Alternative Blockchains and the Future of Digital Currency

By Steven McKie
McKie Feature Image

History has a way of repeating itself. Time and time again this sentiment has proven that mankind and its individual fallacies have been a repeated issue. War, civil unrest, and times of great depression — are all defining moments in mankind which have forced us to be more innovative than before to continuously jettison ourselves towards the future; with the invention of the Internet and the all-sweeping digital age came […]

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Market Report #4: August 17-24, 2014

By Evan Faggart
MT Market Report04

Sunday, August 17 Monday, August 18 Tuesday, August 19 Wednesday, August 20 Thursday, August 21 Friday, August 22 Saturday, August 23

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